About Giclee prints...


Giclee printing is the latest developement in fine art printing technology. Giclee prints, (pronounced gee-clay), offer fine art printing so accurate and faithful to the original that often even the artist has difficulty telling the print from the original without a detailed examination. The word giclée means "fine droplet spray", and that is just what it is: a continuous tone droplet spray of about 4 million droplets per square inch.


Our giclee prints are produced on Epson printers using inks that are archival, and extreemly long lasting. Longevity tests have suggested that giclee prints with pigmented inks can last up to 200 years before any noticable deteriation is observed. When sprayed on Arches, or other rag watercolor paper our giclée prints are so true to the original that art critics and collectors alike are raving. We offer custom size printing of many of John's images allowing the client to order some prints as large as 40x60 for extra large room settings .Our Giclee prints are also available printed on canvas and gallery wrapped. Call for pricing.


Stop by the gallery sometime and see the difference for yourself!

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